The new PHP

by | Feb 5, 2020 | server

PHP ver. 7.4.2 has arrived at our servers. We are now able to support the latest coding styles from PHP.

I am most excited by the short arrow method implementation. I am sure that will make my life a bit easier. As we already have been using that in ReactJS for a while.

As in this example:


Now it is possible to write a function call in PHP like this:

$variable = fn($count) => $callable($factory($count), $count);

Instead of the “old” version:

$variable = function ($count) use ($callable, $factory) {

   return $callable($factory($count), $count);


Existing customers will be upgraded to PHP 7.4.2 as soon as time allows. However,  all servers have the latest security update for your 7.2.17 installation. We have a few customers still on PHP 5.6. We keep them running because some third party code demands it. New webpages will all be on a PHP 7.4.2+ server from the start.